You've bought your first home, maybe moved in, now what? With closing behind you and boxes unpacked, you may still have questions about how to be a successful homeowner. Connect to expert advice on how to protect your home physically and financially. There's a lot that goes into protecting the most important asset you own. You can learn more in a workshop or one-on-one session.

HomeSafe Workshops

Non-profit housing counseling agencies offer HomeSafe post-purchase workshops to support you as a new homeowner. Topics discussed include:

  • Home maintenance and repair
  • Lead paint remediation
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Insurance discounts
  • Energy efficiency
  • Grants
  • Tenant management
  • Refinancing
  • Other resources and benefits available to homeowners
You can find these courses here by selecting "Post-Purchase Homeowner Course" under "Course Type"

Note: MHP ONE mortgage borrowers are required to take a HomeSafe course within one year of closing on their new home at no cost. MHP ONE mortgage borrowers can contact MHP for a referral at 1-800-752-7131 or Or find out more on the MHP site.

Post-Purchase Counseling

My housing counseling agencies also offer one-on-one sessions, providing you the opportunity to discuss your unique challenges as homeowner. These counselors can offer invaluable assistance if you fall behind on your mortgage payments, or are worried about falling behind. But they can also help you through other challenges like refinancing, selling, budgeting, or planning major upgrades or maintenance for your home.