Struggling With Your Mortgage?

Assistance might be available, contact a housing counselor today! You can find a list of agencies that can help here. Also, find out how the Massachusetts Housing Assistance Fund (HAF) can provide funds to help struggling homeowners catch up on their mortgage. Check here to see if you might be eligible for these assistance funds. Whether you want to stay in your home or find transition assistance, don't wait, every day matters.

HomeSafe Program

If you get an MHP loan, you have access to a no-cost education course about how to protect your home and investment. Even if you don't get an MHP loan, you can take a HomeSafe post-purchase class for a small fee from one of the approved education agencies. Topics include: home maintenance and repair, lead paint, budgeting, insurance, grants, tenant management, and refinancing. You can find out more here or, search on the course calendar here, find a list of agencies offering classes here.

MassHousing Loans for Homeowners

MassHousing offers several kinds of loans to existing homeowners, including for refinances, home improvement, lead removal, and septic repairs. Find out more on their website.

Thinking About Refinancing?

There are always pros and cons to refinancing your mortgage. But whether you want to lower your monthly payments, pay down your home faster, or take out equity, you can find out more here on the Massachusetts Secretary of State's website.

Mass Save Energy Assessments & Audits

The Mass Save program can provide great energy savings to Massachusetts homeowners. Through Mass Save, you can get an energy efficiency assessment of your home, as well as connections to grants and low-cost loans that will help you save money on heating, insulation, electricity, and more.