Thank you for visiting our site. My Mass Mortgage is committed to providing accurate information and protecting the rights of our visitors. The following policy describes how we use any information gathered on our site. This Website contains links to other websites that are not owned or controlled by My Mass Mortgage. Please be aware that My Mass Mortgage is not responsible for the privacy practices or other content of such websites. This Policy applies only to information collected by this Website.

A Privacy Partnership:

Your privacy with respect to the use of this Web site results from a partnership between the My Mass Mortgage and you, the user. At this Web site, we attempt to protect your privacy to the maximum extent possible. However, because some of the information that we receive through this Web site may be subject to the Public Records Law, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 66, Section 10, we cannot ensure absolute privacy. Information that you provide to us through this site may be made available to members of the public under that law. This policy informs you of the information that we collect from you at this site, what we do with it, to whom it may be disseminated, and how you can access it. Based on this information, you can make an informed choice about your use of this site. You can maximize the benefits of your privacy partnership with My Mass Mortgage by making informed choices about whether to share personally identifiable information with us through this site.

Personally Identifiable Information:

We use the term "personally identifiable information" to mean any information that could reasonably be used to identify you, including your name, address, e-mail address, Social Security number, birth date, bank account information, credit card information, or any combination of information that could be used to identify you.

Information Automatically Collected and Stored by this Site:

This site does not collect "cookies", but does collect and store indefinitely your Internet Protocol ("IP") address, which does not identify you as an individual, as well as information about the date and time of your visit, whether a file you have requested exists, and how many "bytes" of information were transmitted to you over the Web from this site. We use your IP address to assess the frequency of visits to this site and the popularity of its various pages and functions. We will not attempt to match any personally identifiable information that you provide to us with your IP address, unless there are reasonable grounds to believe that doing so would provide information that is relevant and material to a criminal investigation.

Dissemination of Your Personally Identifiable Information:

At your direction (when you click the "Submit" button), any information that you provide to My Mass Mortgage in the qualifying calculator check will be stored on My Mass Mortgage computer network servers.

We do not sell any personally identifiable information collected through My Mass Mortgage and there is no direct or online public access to the information. However, once you voluntarily submit personally identifiable information to us related to your use of the My Mass Mortgage website its dissemination is governed by the "Public Records Law", the "Fair Information Practices Act" (Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 66A), Executive Order 504, and other applicable laws and regulations. For this reason, part or all of the information you send us may be provided to a member of the public in response to a public records request. There are pieces of information, such as credit card numbers, TIN, username, or password that are not considered public for the purposes of a public records request. For more information on types of data exempted from disclosure under the Public Records Law, please read the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Public Records Law.

Your Access and Opportunity to Correct:

The "Public Records Law" and the "Fair Information Practices Act" provide you certain rights to get information about you that is in our records. To learn more about the circumstances under which you can get and correct this information, please click on the above references to these laws.

Collection and use of on-line information for web statistics:

Please be assured that as you explore our site we do not collect any sensitive data that you would not want us to know without your consent.

The information we track includes the number of visitors to our site (and individual pages), the country from where the user is connecting, the browser being used, keywords from search engines and links from on-line directories used to find us. This information assists us with our site development. Our goal is to use any information we track to continue to make the site user friendly for all of our visitors.

Please feel free to contact the My Mass Mortgage website managers should you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy.